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Let’s see how it works!


No need to start another friends list. Now you can make decisions where your friends are. Whatsapp, iMessage, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Email... Owlie works with all your apps.


Need to know the weather in New York? Don’t forget the date for that 21st birthday party. Don’t worry. Owlie can help. Pre-built actions, such as ‘Mark your calendar’ make sure you never miss a date. Or forget to pack the right clothes.

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Say goodbye to conversation chaos. Owlie cuts through the noise by collecting all the responses together in an easy-to-read format.

What? When? How? ...

Zach wants to go to the beach. Anna wants to make sure the meal is at 9 o’clock instead of 8. With Owlie, you can create multiple questions in the same story ensuring nothing gets lost.


Making decisions together

Get to a decision quickly with Owlie

Available as an App for iOS and Android

Owlie makes it easy to make quick decisions with your friends.

Owlie app has an Intuitive UI that makes it super easy to make quick decisions with your friends.

The Owlie app offers optimized decision making experience by utilizing various data points available via smartphones. Owlie app provides recommendations all along the way to help its users with quick and easy decision making.

Already using the Bot? Get more features. Login with Facebook to syncronize your Owlets with your Owlie Bot.

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Available as a Facebook Messenger bot

Create Owlets and share them with your group of friends on Facebook Messenger for quick responses.

Owlie bot is tightly integrated with Facebook Messenger. You can use in-built Messenger features like Photo and Location sharing to create Owlets quickly. After creating an Owlet, you can send Owlets to your Messenger Group and get answers from all your friends.

Already using the App? Create Owlets from within Messenger without using the Owlie App. Login with Facebook to syncronize your Owlets with your Owlie Bot.


To simplify decision making
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